November 30, 2016

A fantastic week on Zakynthos island ideal for couples in love!!!

The team of Zantehotels4u proudly presents the holiday package created for its special guests, that includes accommodation, transfer and excursion.

A fantastic week on Zakynthos island "il fiore di Levante", ideal for couples in love.

The package includes:

Accommodation: a 7-night with breakfast stay in a renovated Deluxe room of the unique Plessas Palace Hotel in Alykanas, located just a few metres  from the beach and 13km away from Zakynthos Town the capital of the island.

For further info & photos of our 3star hotel, you can visit our Website at:

Car rental: a car make Hundai i10 model of 2016,fully insuranced awaits for you to drive it, so that you can  explore the whole island during your stay, in comfort and absolute safety.

Trips: the team of Zanterhotels4u wishing to make your stay an unforgettable experience has organised for you two magical boat trips.
* The absolute experience, a unique cruise giving you the chance to see Zakynthos island in a few hours. '' Round of Zakynthos''!! 
The boat sets off from Zakynthos port at 09:30 and sails along the beaches of Tsilivi and Alykes. The first stop takes place in the Blue Caves where you can admire the sculpture made by the nature.

Crystal, deep blue sea water, white sand and wild rocks compose the scenery of the number 1 zakynthian sight.The famous  Navagio stands in front of you!! There is a stop that lasts for about an hour for swimming and pictures.

The trip continues with the boat sailing along the north-western part of Zakynthos, passing past Porto Vromi and the caves known as Dolphin CavesIn the south edge, you see the Keri Caves and dive in the Oasis beach.

The last stop of the trip takes place either in Mavratzi or Gerakas beach. Finally the boat returns to Zakynthos port after having sailed past the beaches of Porto Zoro, Banana, Porto Roma, Saint Nikolaos and Argasi.
* It's a must to see the Caretta turtles and parts of the National Marine Park that protects the amazing animals, in a trip  lasting for about 3 hours .

The boat sets off from Agios Sostis port and sails along Laganas coast. The turtles are spotted and observed in their natural habitat. The vessel sails by the private island Cameo reaching the Keri caves where you dive in the deep blue sea water.

The third stop of the trip takes place in Marathonisi a tiny deserted island that has the shape of a huge turtle.

Your reservation:

The package of 7 amazing nights on Zakynthos island costs € 615 (the original price was € 790) for you and your partner. 

Our offer concerns June and can be adjusted to 5 days stay.

What you have to do is select the days you wish  to come and leave the arrangements on our team.

Trust the experts of Zantehotels4u and gain an experience of a life time.
Our offer is valid till the 20th of December 2016, do not miss it!!

To book your holiday send us your e-mail address at together with the code ZanteHC2E17 and the dates you choose to come in June and let us introduce you the island in the way that only the locals can do.
A small deposit of 30% is required (€ 184) while the rest of the amount will be paid 30 days before your arrival.
The amount can be paid either through bank account or by debit/credit card Master Card/Visa.

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August 02, 2016

10 top packing tips!

Whether your are heading off for the weekend or you have 2 weeks ahead of you to spend on a beautiful island (Zakynthos of course) you are always striving" for the balance between not overloading a suitcase and not taking enough clothes, shoes or accessories with you. So, here are some tips to avoid losing so much time thinking how you could have done it better! Let's begin!

1) Before you start loading your suitcase with stuff just make a list of the things you need to take with you. Each time you put a thing from the list into your suitcase just tick it to be sure that you won't forget anything. It's simple and probably the most typical advice you will hear but trust us it's 99% possible to forget something because you haven't made a list with ticks.

2) Buy a lightweight suitcase. Hard-shell suitcases add up to 4 kilos of weight. So, not only will you avoid having excess baggage but you will also carry a lighter bag which is an advantage, especially if the trip is long and you don't have your own vehicle to ride from the airport or port to your destination.

3) Label your suitcase carefully. You may use luggage tags or simply tie a piece of string or a colored ribbon around your suitcase's handle or somehow in the zip. You may use a sticker as well. Doing so you will be able to identify it quickly on the baggage carousel.

4) It happens to all of us. We take 4 pairs of shoes and 3 different outfits for each day but in the end of our holidays we realize that we were wearing  our swimming suits and our flip-flops all day long. We advise you to lay down the clothes and shoes you are about to put into your suitcase and then after a careful look reduce them by one third.

5) Leave enough empty room when you are heading off to your destination. It is highly possible that you will return back home with souvenirs, presents for your friends or colleagues or even new clothes. This will prevent you from carrying extra tote bags with you.

6) You don't want to arrive at your hotel room, open up your suitcase and find out that most of your clothes definitely need ironing. In order to avoid that use vacuum compression bags.

7) Think carefully. What is the first thing you want to do when you arrive at your hotel? You want to got to the beach or the hotel pool. That's right. So it's better to pack your towel last. You won't be in a stew about looking for your towel on the bottom of your bag.

vacuum compression bags

8) Women usually take lotions or other liquid cosmetics with them on a trip. To prevent liquid leaks you can do something cheap and easy. Take the lid off, add a layer of cling-film around the opening of the container and then put the lid on. To cover the gap between the lid and the container seal it with a tape. Then you have nothing to be afraid of.

9) Roll small pieces of clothes like underwear and socks and put them in the empty spaces shaped between clothes. It is important to make a good use of the space you have.

10) Put the most essential and valuable objects in a hand luggage. We believe that you will have a great time during your holiday, but in case something unexpected happens (like losing your baggage) be sure that you have money and other valuable things with you.

We hope that this article will help you with the packing nightmare we all have to face before our vacations! We wish you to have a great trip. Bon voyage!

July 28, 2016

Mentikas Studios & Apartments in Laganas!

Mentikas Studios & Apartments Outdoor space

Mentikas Studios & Apartments is a lovely accommodation located in Laganas (northern Zakynthos). It is  5 minutes walking from the beach and 700m away from Laganas center. That means you are close to the center but away enough to avoid any noise. 

Mentikas offers apartments with equipped kitchen and furnished balconies. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a fridge, cooking facilities, TV, cooking facilities (e.g. water boiler and oven), hairdryer and a safe.

Mentikas Studios & Apartments has a wide outdoor space with a playground for children and a garden with palm trees. All shared spaces have free Wi-Fi. 

July 26, 2016

Argasi! A touristic resort in the south-eastern Zakynthos

Argasi is a busy resort located in the north-eastern part of Zakynthos island. It's a place preferred by Greek visitors for its variety of restaurants and night bars. Another advantage of summering in Argasi is the fact that you are very close to the beautiful beaches of Vasilikos village: Porto Zoro, Porto Azzurro, Banana and Saint Nikolaos. Banana beach is the biggest beach on the island while Saint Nikolaos beach has maybe the best beach bar in Zante (Ammos beach bar).

Banana beach
Food lovers should definitely visit this place. Restaurants offering Greek, Mediterranean and International cuisine, snack bars and chophouses will satisfy even the fussiest's eater needs.

Peppermint restaurant in Argasi

Last but not least Argasi is famous for its nightlife which is not as noisy as the one in Laganas resort. There are many bars, cafes and clubs for all tastes: from chilling out to dancing all night long. One of the most famous dance stages in Argasi is the Barrage Club which frequently hosts Greek and International DJs. 

Barrage Club

If you want to find out more about Argasi visit 
You will find information regarding accommodation, location, transfer and available activities. 

July 25, 2016

Zante Suites in Alykanas village! A brand new, luxury complex near Alykanas beach!

Alykanas is a beautiful coastal village located in the north-eastern side of Zakynthos. It is famous for its long beach with shallow and calm waters, safe for families with young children. A resort with loyal visitors that appreciate the local hospitality.

Zante Suites is a luxury accommodation surrounded by olive groves in Alykanas. The beach of Alykanas is only 150m away and the center or the resort 500m. Built in 2016, it provides fully equipped apartments for 1 up to 5 persons. 

All apartments include:
  • Independent entrance
  • Large terraces
  • Access to the garden
  • Air condition
  • Cosmetics in bathroom
  • Refrigerator
  • TV 40'' one in the living room
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Two bathrooms
  • WiFi

This brand new complex promises you a getaway with high standards.

To find more about Zante Suites and book an accommodation that really stands out in a beautiful village send us e-mail at or call us daily from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 midnight on 0030 26950 29700 - 41480

July 15, 2016


Location: southern Zakynthos
Distance from Zakynthos town is around 5,5 km
Short description: a busy resort with a wide choice of entertainment, next to Laganas but away enough to spend your holiday as quietly as you wish
Ideal for: families with young children
Beach: smooth sand, shallow & and warm water, beach bar close by, beach closes after sunset

What to do: visit Cameo island and have a drink or coffee, dive in the Marathonisi waters even if you are a beginner, if you have young children don't miss Caretta's fun park center with water-slides and trampolines.

Food-Entertainment: in Kalamaki you will find a lot of choices for food and you will treat your palate with different cuisines such as traditional Greek, gourmet, Mediterranean and Italian. If you like a relaxed night, just to chill out and drink your cocktail or beer stay in Kalamaki, but if you wish to party until the morning light Laganas is the nearest place to go.


Caretta turtle (loggerhead)

Restaurant in Kalamaki - picture sighted on 

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and find hotels, studios, excursions and boat trips, transfers and local tips for Kalamaki village.

July 13, 2016


Location: south-eastern Zakynthos
Distance from Zakynthos town is 13 km
Short description: a coastal resort with a developed beach,
water sports available, with small bars
Ideal for: families with young children
Beach: smooth sand, shallow & and warm water, beach bar close by

What to do: horse riding, water sports, visit small traditional villages by the local train called "trainaki", visit a family bio farm and take part in some of their activities just for fun.

Food-Entertainment: wide variety of restaurants & taverns, with Zakynthian, 
Mediterranean and international cuisine, small bars to chill out and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or a beer.

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