January 01, 2014

Argassi...a resort suitable for everyone.

Argassi - The Beach
Argassi is the resort that is closest to the city of Zakynthos. It is suitable for families, couples and larger groups of people since it offers many different types of entertainment.

Argassi is the kind of resort that will offer anything that you may need for you holidays. It is 4km from the city of Zakynthos and 6km from the airport. The local buses run very often to and from the area and taxis as well as car hire companies are very easy to find.
The beach of Argassi is sandy but it is not as big as in other resorts. On the other hand Argassi is the closest resort to Vasilikos whose beaches are considered the best on the island. It is highly recommended to visit some of those fantastic and unique beaches. You will surely enjoy them.

Church of Panagia Skopiotisa
Argassi offers a wide variety of restaurants and taverns serving Zakynthian, Greek and international cuisine. It is the resort that most of the natives use for their night out. You can choose between big crowded clubs and quiet friendly bars that combine culture and entertainment. There are also very good fast food restaurants and coffee shops.

Tip: On the mountain of Skopos which is close to Argassi there is the historical church of Madonna of Skopos (Panagia Skopiotisa). It was built in 1624 and it offers a unique view of the island as well as an amazing feeling of relaxation and positive                                                                                 energy.


Our personal experience and good knowledge of the resort fill us with confidence that we can suggest the right accommodation for you. We have made our research and we share the results with you.

Argassi - Panoramic View of the Beach
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