April 21, 2016


As we have an exclusive cooperation with a car & motorbike rental specialist, we offer to all of our guests a discount of 8% on all rates.

In order to get the discount 8%, please send us an email to info@zantehotels4u.com so that we can give you the promotional code.

New service! Vehicle Rentals!

ZanteHotels4U takes care of your transportation on Zakynthos Island! We provide services of rent a car, a motorbike, a quad or a bike through our cooperation with the most reliable rental agency of the island.

There is a wide choice of cars to choose from. Some of them are: Volkswagen  (Up| Polo| Polo TSI| Polo TSI AUTOMATIC), Suzuki (Jimny Jeep 4WD |Jimny Jeep 4WD A/C), Toyota Auris , Skoda  (City Go| City Go AUTOMATIC), Peugeot 108, Nissan (Micra| Micra AUTOMATIC), Fiat (Punto|Doblo 7 seats).

Recently two Hyundai (i10) models have been added to provide you with a greater variety of products.

Also some of the available motorcycle models areKymco (People 50 cc-|Super 9 50cc-|Super 8 50 cc| Agility 50 cc| Dink 50 cc | Agility 125 | Grand Dink 250 cc), Piagio –Liberty 125 cc, Yamaha-XT 660 cc κα.

The quad lovers can choose among: Kymco ( Mxer 50 cc | MXU 80 cc | MXU 150 cc | MXU 310 cc).

Those who wish to combine transportation and exercise can choose between the following bike models: Ideal – (City Bike| Mountain Bike)

Why to choose us 

Our associate can guarantee your safety setting high standards for it. We offer the best prices on market. In case you find a cheaper price or you are not satisfied with the services offered you have the right to ask for a whole refund. There are neither hidden charges nor a deposit is required. Our coworker will pick you up from the airport and take you back there without an extra charge*. Furthermore there is no restriction on the kilometers made per day. 

*The free transport is valid only for the office hours 09:00 a. m. -12:00 noon.

Contact us

Just call us at +30 26950-29700, daily from 09:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon, or send us your inquiries at: info@zantehotels4u.com 

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  1. christania’s “cykeludlejning” bikes are rolling across the city. The system, less than a year old, is funded by christania’s municipal government. It is currently only in one of christania’s 22 administrative districts. Although a 2nd generation system, there are 12 “Houses” in this district, each with around 40 bikes. The yearly subscription cost is the equivalent of $2 US, and allows the use of a bike for up to four hours at a time. In less than a year, there have been 6,000 subscriptions sold. There are larger 3rd generation systems in the world, which do not have a subscription to bike ratio as big as that.