May 25, 2016


The family farm is located in Kallithea (about 15klm from Zakynthos town). The owners welcome anyone who wishes to experience the traditional way of living on a Zakynthian farm. You will have the chance to cook with them and then taste the food.

The experience
The Zakynthian family gives you a tour on the farm. You will see the vine yards, the procedure of wine production and the feeding of the domestic animals. You can buy home made products: olive oil, wine, raisins, “pasteli” (traditional sweet), soap, body oils, paintings and pottery. You may also taste wine, olive oil or raisins before your choice.

Next, you go to your ' classroom', an especially constructed outdoor room where the cookery lessons take place. All the ingredients provided, are fresh, produced at the farm. You can choose the food you will cook. You can select a vegetarian recipe (stuffed vegetables, eggplants “skordostoupi”, cheese pie, courgettes balls, tzatziki and “dakos”) or meat (stiffado, rabbit, meat in red sauce). You will also learn to make "glaounes" a traditional sweet with raisins, cinnamon, honey and orange.

The cooking lasts about 2-2.5 hours and when the food is ready it is served and you can taste your dish. You take with you the recipe in order to cook the dishes again!


Time/Day cooking: on request

Persons: 1-6 

Transport: not available 

Season: May, June, September, October

Languages: The tour and the instructions during the cookery lesson are given in Greek, English, French and Italian.

Price per person: 60€

Tel: +30 26950 29700, +30 26950 41480

For your reservation call us to book daily the desired day from 09:00 in the morning to 12:00 at night.

Tip! Book your traditional cooking the first days of your vacation so that you can change in case of cancellation due to weather conditions.

Payment by:
Credit card (visa, master card)
Bank Transfer
Cash visit at your hotel

Cancellation policies:
If the activity is cancelled for any reason you must arrange a new date within 24 hours or ask for your money back. Failing to do so, you have no right for a refund.

For cancellations up to 3 days before the activity 50% of the fare is returned

For cancellation less than 3 days there is no refund 

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