May 24, 2016


The Zakynthian Sea is one of the most beautiful seas in the world, ready to be explored. Have a try on scuba diving and gain an unforgettable experience.

What we offer 

Snorkeling: swimming with goggles, snorkel and flippers. For those who can't stand the cold water a diver's uniform is provided. Adults and children older than 8 years can enjoy snorkeling and see the underwater world of Zakynthos Island.

Place: Marathonisi/ Keri caves

Duration: 1/2 day, at 10:00 (together with the experienced divers group)

Season: every day EXCEPT FOR Sundays from May to October

Price per person:  € 30/ If you have your own equipment 20 €

Transport: Free for the resort of Laganas 

€ 5 from a different resort (total cost for transfer of 1-8 persons)

Try Diving: A dive for beginners. Eligible for adults in good health-shape and children older than 8 years (from 8-10 years the maximum depth of diving is 2m). The equipment is provided from the scuba center. First, there is a short training about the use of the equipment, the pressure equalization, and the diver communications (mostly hand signals). Next, follows the transport to Marathonisi and the diving. Each instructor is allowed to have only one or two divers under surveillance.

Place: Marathonisi

Total duration: 10:00- 14:30 & 15:00- 19:30. From the 25th 

May only 15:00- 19:30 is valid. The gathering of the divers takes place at the scuba diving center at 09:00 in the morning.

Duration of diving: 20 - 25 min

Maximum persons on board: 42 

Season: every day from May to October

Price per person: € 55

TransportFree for the resort of Laganas 

€ 5 from a different resort (total cost for transfer of 1-8 persons)

Boat Diving: This dive is addressed to experienced divers certified by PADI. The diving takes place in Marathonisi or Keri every day except for Sundays from 10:00 to 14:30.

What you must know
  • The scuba diving offered is absolutely safe and environment friendly
  • The vessel is diving with a WC available. One person can accompany you on board
  • All the instructors are certified by PADI
  • The diving might be cancelled only due to weather conditions
  • The instructors speak fluently Greek and English
  • Pregnant are not allowed to dive
  • People with health problems (e.g. heart condition, asthma, obesity problems) are not allowed to dive
  • You are allowed to fly 24 hours after the diving

Tel: +30 26950 29700, +30 26950 41480

To book a trip, please contact us from 09:00 in the morning until 12:00 at night.

Tip!: Book your scuba diving the first days of your vacation so that you can be able to change the date in case of cancellation due to weather conditions   

Payment by
Credit Card Visa/ Master Card
Bank Transfer
Cash-visit at your hotel.

Cancellation Policies:
If your dive is cancelled due to weather conditions you must arrange a new date within 24 hours or ask for your money back; failing to do so there is no refund.

If you cancel the trip 3 days earlier, you get a 50% refund.

Failing to cancel the trip within 3 days there is no refund.

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