August 02, 2016

10 top packing tips!

Whether your are heading off for the weekend or you have 2 weeks ahead of you to spend on a beautiful island (Zakynthos of course) you are always striving" for the balance between not overloading a suitcase and not taking enough clothes, shoes or accessories with you. So, here are some tips to avoid losing so much time thinking how you could have done it better! Let's begin!

1) Before you start loading your suitcase with stuff just make a list of the things you need to take with you. Each time you put a thing from the list into your suitcase just tick it to be sure that you won't forget anything. It's simple and probably the most typical advice you will hear but trust us it's 99% possible to forget something because you haven't made a list with ticks.

2) Buy a lightweight suitcase. Hard-shell suitcases add up to 4 kilos of weight. So, not only will you avoid having excess baggage but you will also carry a lighter bag which is an advantage, especially if the trip is long and you don't have your own vehicle to ride from the airport or port to your destination.

3) Label your suitcase carefully. You may use luggage tags or simply tie a piece of string or a colored ribbon around your suitcase's handle or somehow in the zip. You may use a sticker as well. Doing so you will be able to identify it quickly on the baggage carousel.

4) It happens to all of us. We take 4 pairs of shoes and 3 different outfits for each day but in the end of our holidays we realize that we were wearing  our swimming suits and our flip-flops all day long. We advise you to lay down the clothes and shoes you are about to put into your suitcase and then after a careful look reduce them by one third.

5) Leave enough empty room when you are heading off to your destination. It is highly possible that you will return back home with souvenirs, presents for your friends or colleagues or even new clothes. This will prevent you from carrying extra tote bags with you.

6) You don't want to arrive at your hotel room, open up your suitcase and find out that most of your clothes definitely need ironing. In order to avoid that use vacuum compression bags.

7) Think carefully. What is the first thing you want to do when you arrive at your hotel? You want to got to the beach or the hotel pool. That's right. So it's better to pack your towel last. You won't be in a stew about looking for your towel on the bottom of your bag.

vacuum compression bags

8) Women usually take lotions or other liquid cosmetics with them on a trip. To prevent liquid leaks you can do something cheap and easy. Take the lid off, add a layer of cling-film around the opening of the container and then put the lid on. To cover the gap between the lid and the container seal it with a tape. Then you have nothing to be afraid of.

9) Roll small pieces of clothes like underwear and socks and put them in the empty spaces shaped between clothes. It is important to make a good use of the space you have.

10) Put the most essential and valuable objects in a hand luggage. We believe that you will have a great time during your holiday, but in case something unexpected happens (like losing your baggage) be sure that you have money and other valuable things with you.

We hope that this article will help you with the packing nightmare we all have to face before our vacations! We wish you to have a great trip. Bon voyage!


  1. These are some pretty darn good tips, I'll surely be following them and sharing it with my sister who's always traveling. Thanks for the idea!

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